The Most Exclusive Crypto Trading Club You Never Knew Existed

TRND Private Club has history. Established in 2020, it gathered 159 individuals around a common goal: make money.

One member made a million on Eminence, just to lose it all a few hours later (don't worry, he made it all back and more later on).

Another member called KP3R at $3 and did not ape in. There is also the one who held XFT for 2 years and made millions. And a bunch of people who made bank on CORE. And another bunch that got rekt.

We made history. We day trade. We degen together. If you found us, you can join us. Here is the deal:

□ Buy & hodl 170 TRND 1
□ Join on CollabLand 2
□ Gib alpha
□ Gongi bongi


1) Or 170 DAI-TRND UniV2 LPs or 3.44 TRND-ETH UniV2 LPs
2) Ask for help on TRND Protocol

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